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Cuss Creek Taxidermy
Box 55 Willowbrook, Saskatchewan, Canada S0A 4P0

Phone: 306-647-2555
Cell: 306-621-1499
Fax: 306-647-2566

For over 15 years, Cuss Creek Taxidermy has served as the premier taxidermist for hunters across Canada and in the United States. We have numerous repeat clients and we welcome new customers to send us their trophy so we can help commemorate their special hunt.

From big game hunters to fishermen and everything in-between, we can serve as the go-to destination for all of your taxidermy needs. As you might expect from a taxidermy business, we’re avid hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen ourselves, and we appreciate the opportunity to help however we can, and provide our clients with a beautiful finished product that they can proudly hang in their home, office, cabin or other space.

As such, we’ll readily available to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to call or email us, please see our information above and we’ll respond to your inquiry immediately.